A little more about us

Over the years, organizations and individuals have gained confidence in us. With a dedicated team driven by passion and excellence, we have been fortunate to garner awards.

  • Wedding Videographer of the Year 2019
  • Wedding Videographer of the Year 2018
  • Wedding Photographer of the Year 2017
  • Award-winning Photographers. 2016 State of the Union (SOTU) Africa award
  • 2017 Best Creative Company

We Tell Your Story

We exist to give organizations visibility by documenting their impact through professional photography, film production, videos for web and TV, BCC materials, and digital media.
Having worked with local and international NGOs documenting stories of change we have sufficient experience to offer as part of a comprehensive communication/digital strategy.

What Our Clients Say

You only get a happy client by capturing all your client’s task specifications and going out of your way to exceed the client’s expectations.

  • An extremely talented team. They handle my photography, film and design work. Very passionate in what they do.

    Emily Kamunde Osoro
    Leadership Coach & Director - Rise & Learn

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